Simple Steps that Attract Women with Body Language

Smilling flirting mood

Most guys may not believe, but body language plays an important role for any attract women.

If you have wrong believe about body language secret , you will find it difficult picking up women whenever you’re out on the roll. Just be litter calm and don’t even feels like it going to be a problem for you forever.

Most guys believes that be handsome or having attractive body shape can make you easily to attract women — ”Yes  ” you are right but still yet you are ”Wrong”.

Communication doesn’t have to be verbal all the time, yet it can be non-verbal.In this simple post am going to share with you simple art of using your body to send a message to any women that you want .

Utilizing body language to attract women is one of the most essential things that any man can do. Most women love men who are confident and also people who display this through their body language.

Simple Steps that Attract Women with Body Language Attract Women With Body Language

Maintain a Strong Eye Contact : Don’t ever underestimate the power of eyes, because they are the breakthrough door to your soul.

Through eyes contact you can praise her with meaningful gazes on her face and you can also laugh with her through your eyes contact — there is nothing important to any woman than a set of laughing and twinkling eyes. [Read more...]

Natural Male Enhancement — Natural Gain Plus Review

Male Enhancement

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What is Natural Gain Plus ?

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When your confidence level is increased, so is your sexual performance. With the enhanced confidence you’ll gain from Natural Gain Plus, you’ll be able to better satisfy your lover for longer periods of time. [Read more...]

Methods That Attract Women to You in Bars and Club

Club Approached Secret

Club Approached Secret

Few days ago, I have opportunity to have a chat with 5 young dude, who are fun of going to club or bar to meet new ladies. But during my conversation with them i discovered that they lacking what it takes for women to attract to them.
     When you’re in a nightclub, one of the most important things you can do  to attract beautiful girls is to build social value. ( I already mentioned this in previous post … social value is VERY important! )
  What do I mean by social value?
     Well, it basically means that people think you’re important. For instance, if you walk into a venue and the club owner comes and meets you, other people will see this and assume that you’re important.
     Other examples include:
     – If women are “checking you out”, then you’re important.
     – If you skip the waiting line to get into the club, you’re important.
     – If you’re talking to beautiful girls, you’re important.

[Read more...]

Things Women Really Want In A Man

What Men Want In A Woman Man And Woman Frustrated

What Men Want In A Woman Man And Woman Frustrated

The scenario is like these ” Men are pretty simple creatures human being , really. If a woman are attractive, we want to meet them. Things women really want in men is still unanswered question around the globe. However, men don’t need to lose hope in finding hidden secret about women because there are still a good numbers of things that women still find in women that attract to them.

Here are a few from the long list of attributes which can perhaps help you make your dream women fall head over heels in love with you without much work. Take your pick to woo and sweep her off her feet!



7 Things Women Really Want In A Man

Intelligent: Every women want to be with intelligent men, which they can be proud of among their friends and co-workers in offices. Being an educated person often attract women to you also.


Magic of your hands: You

may have taken her to hottest fast food or restaurant in your area, yet she may not mind if you can cook any of her favorite dishes (Or plain noddles to eat) when she’s hungry. Such kind of mood are never forgotten in women mind. [Read more...]

How To Attract Women Without Risking Rejection

How-To-Attract Women with Smiling Face

How-To-Attract Women with Smiling Face

Discovering secret on how to attract women can be put in 3 ways , which will be discussed in the short post. The easiest way to attract women is to get rid of your “needy vibe” that comes across as desperation.

But unfortunate for any men, women pick their ideal men based on the signs, the good news is there are many things you can do about it which means that before you know it, you will have attractive women throwing themselves at you just by applying this short tips.

How to Attract Women Without The Rejection Part

Learning secret to be attractive men to women doesn’t always involve rejection, Most men usually believe that women will somehow reject them if they speak to them or attempt to ignite some attraction toward them.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth, women have more shock attitude than anything else – kindly use this advantage and start chatting to the lady you like, who knows you could find love in the strangest places. [Read more...]

How to Set Your Profile Picture to Attract Women on Facebook

Alpha-Male Traits

Alpha-Male Traits

Facebook Inc, is the largest social networking site online now, Facebook has about over 1 Billion active user to their arena. Facebook is not dating sites but it is easiest place network with each other which can easily link to relationship or casual dating.

How you find your on luck in this growing networking site online is what will are going to discuss in this post — How to Set Your Profile Picture to Attract Women on Facebook.

How to Create Alpha Profile Picture

The first thing that any lady will look on your profile when you message her is your profile Picture. It is very important to have outstanding profile picture because he convey a message of your personality.  Having good picture on your profile online will Demonstrate Higher Value (DHV) to any body that view your profile details online.


In this short series, I will short lists some simple examples of how you profile pictures should look like to attract women to you easily.

What You Must Not Apply to Your Facebook Profile:

(1) Don’t Display Any Weird Pose: Did you know what ” wierdo” means — Dictionary described what ” wierdo” – a psychopath, especially a dangerous or vicious one. Do not share screaming picture or duck face on your profile, women did not attract or respond to such types of photos, especially when you are alone in the picture.  I will advice you to seek help of your close female friends, cousin or sister to help you out select good and attractive photo to your profile.

(2) Low quality pictures – You must be very careful about this area because having low quality will send women away from your profile online. With the level of technology in our environment now, you can easily get good smart phone that have a 5 mega pixels or more with a flash to capture yourself. If women did not see you clearly , then will rather press the next button on their computer mouse.


(3) Smiling Alone on Camera: This is one of the most common mistakes many Guys make about their profile picture online. Many women are looking for unique guy and fun person to be with, try an avoid this scenario unless you’re professional good-looking photo-shoot pic.

(4) Do Not Show Off: Not every women are looking rich guy or crazy person to be with. ” Show Off” are involves in talking off your shirt to let the world know about your six-pack or big gun biceps., another scenario is you inside car . This kind of attitude can simply describes as huge cry for attention and it is generic. [Read more...]

Valentine’s Gifts Ideas For Men and Women

Valentine Gift


Will are coming closer to the season of love around the world. Valentine is special day to show appreciation of love to each others. The day is tagged and called lover’s day but there are some things you need to keep in mind for that day.

Most people don’t know that these is the day which your partners will test your ability, this is when you will really know his/her interest or dislikes nature of gifts. You have to understand that buying wrong gift will spoil his/her mood which you must try to avoid.

I will be sharing with you some litter tips for Valentine’s Gifts Ideas For Men and Women

Valentine Gift 00

Firstly is that you should never jump into any conclusion about what you have bought for your partner. Because you may find it “beautiful” in your own eyes , doesn’t mean that your partner will surely like it. This are few of assumption that will usually make  “Hmm.. [Read more...]

Top 3 Romantic Destination for a Valentine’s Day

Guide to Attract Women

Valentine day is coming close and most relationship will find it difficult to surface their status. Some event think that what is the reason for them celebrate the season of Valentine because they have share many gifts items between each others. There are hundreds of gift to share to your partner but i will share most powerful place for you to celebrate your Valentine day.

If you are among the people who struggling for simple way to say I love you like never before to your partner , why not take the plunge and book a romantic getaway for two? Here are the best historical destinations that all lovers across the world will love to go. I will be sharing with you Top 3 Romantic Destination for a Valentine’s Day. [Read more...]

3 Powerful Strategies to Start Conversation with Women

How do men flirt with womenLooking back the last time you had a conversation with a woman, that you really interested her to be yours. Before moving forward let me ask you some question —– What did you focused on most?

Is it

*Thinking of getting her phone number?

*Working to make good impression, so that she will like you?

* Doing all your best to act confident and smooth?

This issue has being on mind lately, but finally I realized that one of biggest mistakes that will guys make is that will all focused on ‘ What women thinking about us’’ or if will are really going to achieve ours aims of getting her ( phone number, sex first date etc)

That led us to forget the ultimate power of conversation with women.

By knowing the person in front of you!


[Read more...]

Ultimate Guide of Dress That Attract Women

attract women couple

Barely about few weeks ago, i was in office of one of my cousin then I overheard this issue from some for dude talking to each other on how or what dress to attract women.

After finishing my discussion with my cousin , then i work toward them and share some litter tips for them, but today am going to share some hidden secret to attract women to yourself through your dressing appearances.

Let me tell you another benefits of dressing well is that when you look good , you will all feel good. Today am going to share with you some fashion sense that will help you to dress well and better to attract women.

—- Look for Fitted Clothes: This is one of the most common mistake that men usually make, they just wear anyhow cloths or cloths that are too big for them. By wearing fitted cloths will make you look good and smart and lastly will show off a man of physique. Exercising your body will help you to increase of your luck and easily help you to attract women. [Read more...]